Are you concerned about your child's immunity?

Do you feel helpless in the current pandemic?

How can you optimise your child's immunity?

Get your kids healthy now!

Inspiration that makes kids want to eat more fruit and vegetables!

  • Optimise your children's immune system naturally.

  • Guaranteed to have children demanding fruit and veggies.

  • Kids will reject sweet foods, understanding it hurts their immunity.

  • Children will associate fruit & veggies with feeling well (not feeling sick).

  • Learn a 'new language' to help communicate health issues with your child.


Fruit and vegetables are superpowers for the immune system!

The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients of fruit and vegetables fortifies a child's natural immune system; however, many parents struggle getting their kids to eat these 'superfoods'.

Well, cue in... Kids Get Healthy: an entertaining, 4-week program that gets young kids (4–8 years old) wanting to eat more fruit & vegetables!

The inspirational storyline

The program is based on the representative storyline of The Amazing Army™, where Captain Immune and his Amazing Army (the Immune System) combat the Bad Bugs™ (germs and sickness).

A sinister spy is sent from the Bad Bugs – her name is Sneaky Sweetie™. She tempts children with sweets and treats, which make the Amazing Army weak and tired, so that invading Bad Bugs make kids' bodies sick! However, the hero, Major Energy™ delivers the winning weapon for the Amazing Army – the superpower of rainbow fruit and vegetables.

The story spills over into fun activities, shopping missions, cooking videos, and awards.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee
This course includes:
  • Downloadable resources

  • Access across all devices

  • Certificate of completion

  • Cooking videos

  • Shopping missions

  • eBook 'The Amazing Army'

  • Parent education emails

  • Fun quizes

  • Recording of a live school show


Disclaimer: The information presented in this program is not for the diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of any health problem. All information contained in this program is for educational purposes only. Speak to your physician or healthcare professional before starting you or your child on any health advisory program.