About the Program


How the program make kids WANT to eat fruit and vegetables!

The course is designed as a symbolic ‘inner universe’ for children, that utilises the psychological influence of heroic role models, moralistic themes and heightened emotions to train a child’s brain to associate fun, imagination and morals to healthy eating.

What this means is that the parent no longer needs ponder ways to make their child eat healthy food; instead, a child will approach them with requests for fruits and vegetables and healthier food choices.

How the healthy message is delivered?

The Campaign succeeds via a surround-sound approach, whereby the healthy message is experienced from many directions:

Watch entertaining videos of a live School presentation and lots of fun cooking shows

Read – the eBook over and over, which gently reinforces the positive message

Participatein grocery shopping missions, quizzes and book activities

Bond – and connect as a family, sharing fun learning times together

How the psychology triumphs?

By utilising a battle between good and evil, the campaign taps into every child’s desire to do good. As the child discovers which story character is good and which is bad, s/he starts to associate the feelings of good to that character… and to the character’s health message. As the child then physically engages in the message – by singing the character jingles and completing activities – s/he begins to form neural connections between the feelings of doing good and healthy eating.

To exemplify this concept, consider when a child first watches a superhero, like Batman… they then demand a cape and mask from their parent, and immediately take on the superhero characteristics. This is how the healthy message of the Amazing Army succeeds, because behavioural change is elicited via strong emotional association.

Why the message causes positive change in a child?

The child experiences strong, positive emotional reinforcement, which naturally elicits behavioural change. The child experiences:

• Feeling competence to make their own informed food choices

• Feeling pride to assist the story’s heroes

• Feeling connected when sharing positive, fun times with family and friends

• Feeling enjoyment while being entertained

How the ‘new health language’ helps family talks?

Health concepts can be challenging and complex to explain to children; however, this program provides an effective ‘new language’ for family discussion time to occur ‘on the same level’. By supplying words and concepts that makes sense to children – through the character associations – parents can highly effectively communicate and encourage the health messages. For example, when at dinnertime, a parent may ask the child ‘Which food gives the Amazing Army strength to capture the Bad Bugs that make you sick?’. The child will easily repeat the story’s language, by saying, ‘Green gives strong power to my Amazing Army, so it’s broccoli!’ The parent praises the child’s recollection and encourages them to ‘help their army’ capture the mean Bad Bugs that make sickness. And, so, the emotionally invested child acts accordingly… by eating their broccoli!

The Amazing Army solves parent's biggest dilemma:

How do I get my kids to eat more fruit & vegetables

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This course includes:
  • Downloadable resources

  • Access across all devices

  • Certificate of completion

  • Cooking videos

  • Shopping missions

  • eBook 'The Amazing Army'

  • Parent education emails

  • Fun quizes

  • Recording of a live school show


Disclaimer: The information presented in this program is not for the diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of any health problem. All information contained in this program is for educational purposes only. Speak to your physician or healthcare professional before starting you or your child on any health advisory program.